Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Searches: Murder, malpractice, and mortality

  • John Baxter Hamilton (pictured) was convicted of the 2001 Valentine's Day murder of his wife in her home. Another abortionist convicted of murdering his wife, this one by botching a liposuction, was Joe Bills Reynolds. Reynolds has since died. He, like Hamilton, was an Oklahoma City resident. And currently, Alabama abortionist Malachy DeHenre is on trial for the shooting death of his wife. Wife-killing abortionist trifecta complete?

  • Somebody wants to know whatever happened to abortionist C. J. Labenz. He closed down his Omaha abortion business in 2006, but I don't know if he's resurfaced. Anybody?

  • Anesthesia deaths

  • Richard Cunningham, MD performed the fatal abortion on Shiela Watley in 1987.

  • Someone was looking for infection after abortion. I have 73 cases listed here, all fatal. If you go to the main RealChoice site, there's a search box and you can find non-fatal cases. There are far too many of them to list individually.
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