Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A joyful anniversary for a happy mommy

MommyLife shares an email:

One year ago today I got the phone call. The phone call that I was praying would be good news, and never thought in a million years would be bad. My Amino results were in "I'm sorry, your baby has Down syndrome."

One year ago today I was being held in my husband's arms, crying my heart out. Crying like I never cried before.

One year ago today I heard the dreaded offer "Have you considered terminating the pregnancy?" I felt ill.

One year ago today was the worse day of my life.

Today I woke up hearing "Coo, ah goo, baaaaaaaaaa" and looked over and saw an adorable baby grinning at me through the crib bars.

Today I got kisses and laughs and smiles and snuggles.

Today I felt more proud than I ever had before, seeing this little baby getting up on his hands and knees, getting stronger sitting unsupported and bursting with pride.

Today I wondered why I was so sad one year ago, as one year ago I received news that God has chosen me to receive the biggest blessing He could possibly give.

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