Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Get some perspective, buddy.

Driver Charged With Vehicular Homicide After Pickup Hits Minivan, Killing Mom and 4 Kids

A drunk driver cruised the wrong way on the interstate, slamming head-on into a minivan, killing a woman and four young children, including a baby. A man and two other children in the minivan are still hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. And then to add ironic injustice to the whole thing, the perpetrator, Michael Gagnon, was the least-injured person in the entire crash.

Gagnon's brother Samuel told a newspaper reporter, "Everyone's in shock. We're supposed to be celebrating the New Year, but now I got to look forward to my brother in jail the rest of his life."

Samuel, your brother is alive. A six month old baby is dead because of him. Three other kids, ages 10, 10, and 7, are dead. A young mother is dead. A man and two other children might yet die from their injuries. Two families have been devastated far beyond what your family is going through.

Enough with the pity party. Two families are going to be visiting their loved ones at a cemetery from now on. Going to a prison to see your brother is a tiny inconvenience compared to what those other two familes are facing.

Get some perspective, buddy. You should be counting your blessings, not complaining. Your family's only legitimate beef is with your brother for what he did. Your family got off light.

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