Friday, January 18, 2008

Roundup: News in Kansas

  • Kansas Governor Sebelius chose somebody who doesn't have a huge financial connection to abortionist George Tiller as the new state Attorney General. The former AG, Paul Morrison, who got a huge financial and logistical campaign boost thanks to Tiller, was forced to resign in the wake of a sex scandal. Chris Biggs, who looked like a shoe-in for the empty post, found his own campaign coffers roughly $250,000 to the richer thanks to Tiller's influence with Kansas abortion-advocacy PACS. So Sebelius is learning to avoid at least the appearance of brazen corruption. Only time will tell if she has leanrned to shun the corruption itself.

    Speaking of corruption:

  • From the Paging Captain Obvious files: Judge testifies Planned Parenthood records were falsified. The records were part of an investigation into whether or not PP was performing illegal third-trimester abortions: "... Judge Richard D. Anderson testified ... that he believed that medical records supplied to him by Planned Parenthood had been altered. Anderson further testified that he sought the opinion of a police handwriting expert, who confirmed his suspicions that information regarding the gestational age of pregnancies had been tampered with."

    And while we're in Kansas, keep in mind when viewing this that Sebelius vetoed an abortion clinic clean-up bill:

  • Click here to see Troy Neuman taking Mark Crutcher on a tour of the vacated abortion clinic Operation Rescue bought. Mind you, this was a National Abortion Federation member facility. Photos from before OR removed the furnishings and abandoned medical records are here.

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