Friday, January 18, 2008

Searches: 18 weeks and Andre Nehorayoff

  • 18-week fetus

  • Andre Nehorayoff is the legalized back-alley butcher who was responsible for the deaths of two patients, dubbed "Ellen" and "Faye". During a hearing about whether or not to yank his license, the medical board noted, "When asked about the cases where he was found negligent for not using laminaria, Dr. Nehorayoff said this was basically a result of his lack of knowledge of the proper use of this procedure, which was relatively new at that time. He explained that he subsequently worked as a volunteer for Planned Parenthood for a three month period (emphesis mine) and learned about the appropriate use of laminaria." What the heck was PP doing, letting this quack volunteer for them in a setting where he'd be evidently doing patient care, after he'd already killed two patients and nearly killed several others? Evidently he did manage to get his license back, because he seems to be practicing in New York. On the one hand, he seems to be following up on his promise to the medical board that he'd stop doing abortions. That's nice. But on the other hand, he's practicing obstetrics. I'd not trust him with my health or life or especially with my unborn baby. Can't this guy do hair transplants or something, where nobody's life is hanging in the balance?

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