Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Searches: 20 week abortions, air embolism, and P. Scott Ricke

  • Abortion 20 week fetus

  • Actual abortion video. Two abortions, actually, in the late second trimester. Think of it as a companion piece to the 20-week abortion information above.

  • 18 week fetus

  • Self-induced fatal air embolism -- performing a home abortion in the garage with an air compressor.

  • P. Scott Ricke -- the abortionist who got his hand stuck in a patient.

    Dogooder said...

    I am very familiar with Dr. Ricke, his work and his professional/legal records and he NEVER got his hand "stuck" in any patient at any time. There are many false allegations about him on line, that are cited as being substantiated, but most are in fact, totally untrue or were thrown out by the medical board for being completely made up and without merit. He hasn't performed an abortion since 1986 - that's nearly 30 years!!!!! When are you so-called 'Christians' going to stop vilifying and crucifying him? Why don't you back off - he isn't going to perform abortions again and he is not a 'threat' to any fetus or pregnancy, so continuing to post these things is a blatant smear campaign for no benefit but your own twisted need to totally destroy him. He is a darn good physician and surgeon, so it's time for all of you who hate him to back off and allow him to practice medicine without you continuing to follow him around online in order to destroy his practice. I am a Christian and know that Christ instructed us to forgive. It's about time for you to do the same.

    daren sammy said...

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