Saturday, January 26, 2008

Searches: the usual quacks and mayhem

  • Sherri Finkbine was the Arizona Romper-Room lady who probably did more than anybody else -- even Norma "Jane Roe" McCorvey -- to unleash abortion on America. Finkbine did it by being cute, perky, non-threatening, a mom and a preschool teacher, who made getting a legal abortion a public crusade. Finkbine had illegally taken Thalidomide, and decided that a baby with missing or deformed limbs was better off dead. Which I'd love to have seen her say to Johnny Eck, Jeannie Tomaini, Frieda Pushnik, or Randian.

  • Somebody was searching for "abortion uterus scars". I clicked on her search and found Uterine Rupture during Second Trimester Abortion with Misoprostol (Izmir, Turkey). And Uterine Rupture During Second-Trimester Abortion Associated With Misoprostol (Madison, Wisconsin). And Rupture of the cervix in a sulprostone induced abortion in the second trimester (Messina, Italy). Ain't we got fun?

  • EMW abortion clinic in Louisville, Kentucky: Here is info on a lawsuit filed against them on behalf on an underage girl that they performed an abortion on against her mother's express wishes, against medical advice, and against a restraining order -- resulting in the girl being hospitalized for sepsis. Their security guard got caught raping women on the premises after hours. And of course, EMW is a member of the National Abortion Federation.

  • Atlanta Surgi Center. Oh, yeah, they're members of the National Abortion Federation. Though what this says about them or about NAF is pretty debatable. Look what they did to Catherine Pierce.

  • Anesthesia deaths associated with induced abortion.

  • Home abortion takes various forms, such as the herbal teas embraced by some women as natural and safe and gentle. These safe and natural abortions are how Kris Humphrey and Penny Roe ended up killing themselves. There are also what are the more stereotypical "home abortions", such as Laura France doing herself in with an air compressor, or "Daisy", who despite being well-educated and experienced in legal abortion, let her boyfriend ream her out with a plastic tube. "Home abortion" is also the new name given to chemical abortions, like the ones that killed "Wanda", Holly Patterson, Chanelle Bryant, "Cherish", "Tara", Oriane Shevin, Vivian Tran, and Brenda Vise. I think that somebody came up with the idea of calling them "home abortions" instead of "chemical abortions" or even "medical abortions" to try to make them seem "natural", sort of a variation of homeschooling or home birth. Ya know, wholesome and earthmom-ish, like quilting or canning or making your own soap. Are you buying into this?

  • "Ulrich George Klopfer" Ding! Ding! Ding! You've picked a WINNER!

  • Harvey Lothringer is the abortionist who chopped up Barbara Lofrumento in 1962 and put her down the garbage disposal and the toilet after she died in the middle of a back-alley abortion he was performing in his New York office. Lothringer eventually got his license back, became a prison psychatrist, and took Nancy Blumenthal off her antidepressants. She killed herself.

  • Alabama abortion clinic shut down. Thank God.
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