Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Searches: Quacks, deaths, etc.

  • Dr. Lou E. Davis of Chicago was arrested for the November 4, 1928, criminal abortion death of 22-year-old Anna Borndal.

  • "Malachi Dehenre killed wife". It certainly appears that he did, though he devoted his life to killing people much younger and managed in the process to kill Leigh Ann Stephens Alford.

  • Laura Hope Smith (pictured) died in September of 2007 of apparent anesthesia complications during an abortion performed by Dr. Rapin Osathanondh at his Massachusets practice, which he called Woman Health Center, probably to make it seem to be a clinic rather than an ordinary doctor's office.

  • "Dr. sella abortion"? Sella is one of Teflon Tiller's staff of "No Fetus Can Beat Us!" abortionists at his Wichita late term abortion mill. Michelle Armesto reports that it was Sella who did her abortion, an abortion she was only doing under intense and unrelenting pressure from her family, an abortion in the third trimester. Armesto also reports that Sella falsely charted her fetus as "non-viable," evidenly in a so-far-successful ploy to go through a loophole in the Kansas law violating post-viability abortions.
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