Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Searches: Abortion video, survivors, and some quacks

  • National Abortion Federation Hotline. These guys, who promise safety but simply give you a referral to a member, along with heartfelt assurances that all their members are top notch. Yeah, including the places that killed these women.

  • Dr. Kristin Neuhaus is the esrtwhile abortionist who rubber-stamps post-viability abortions for George Tiller.

  • Abortion survivors

  • Abortion video. There's one here. And here (GRAPHIC! CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK!):

  • Philip Rand San Diego wife murdered. I hope not! But just for reference sake, here is who Rand is.

  • cheap abortion clinics in the new orleans area. Well, there was A. James Whitmore III, who got his license suspended for quackery. There was Sydney Knight, who killed Janet Blaum. As much as I don't recommend abortion in general, I'd have to specifically say to avoid the cut-rate fly-by-nights.

  • True-life abortion stories. Here every day. Keep coming back.
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