Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Things we do for love redux

The "Please, let me have a man, any man" mentality has cost four more children their lives, as their drug-addicted scumbag of a father hurled them off a bridge, evidently to get back at his wife after an argument:

Police: Man Throws 4 Kids Off Bridge

Yes, what he did was absolutely deplorable. But he'd not have had access to the kids to toss them off a bridge if his wife hadn't been willing to put up with him just to have a man in her life.

I collect other teachers' cast-off magazines for the kids to make collages. And the magazines in question make me sick: It's all fashion and makeup and how to get a man. This is equally true of the Korean and the English magazines, though frankly the Korean magazines are worse in that they devote entire sections to the latest plastic surgery trends. Including -- I'm not making this up -- how shop for a surgeon to provide you with perkier nipples.

Where is there diddly-squat about having a life that doesn't revolve around getting sexual attention from somebody with a penis?

Career? It all relates to how to attract a man. Health? Look better, get a buffer man! Travel? How to meet men while globe-trotting. Education? Will it impress him?

And there's nothing about the quality of the man in question, though of course a rich, handsome one is preferred. The most anybody seems to ask is that he doesn't cheat on you.

We have got to offset this poison somehow.

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