Friday, January 11, 2008

FoxNews trying to generate abortion revenue

FOXSexpert: Five Ways to Get Her Into Bed

In a nutshell: Get her drunk then act like Bill Murry in "Groundhog Day" BEFORE he learned to be a decent human being.

Just what we need. One more media outlet sending the message that women are ambulatory sex toys that exist purely to gratify men.

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Alexandra said...

I just love when advice columns include something like this:

5. Investigate what turns her on.

The more you and your partner know each other, the better your chances for sexual intimacy. This is partly because you’re going to be familiar with what turns her delirious with desire. So keep your eyes and ears open to anything in which your partner takes pleasure.

Yes, keep a lookout for things that she likes -- not because you care about making her happy, but because making her happy will make her more likely to sleep with you! Like there's no reason to get to know a woman beyond getting her into bed -- heaven forbid you waste time speaking with and paying attention to a woman just for the sake of it. Chicks dig guys who care, so act like you care! (Assumption being, of course, that you don't -- otherwise you wouldn't need to be told to act like it.) Barf.