Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Abortion enthusiast (unwittingly) calls for de-funding of Planned Parenthood!

Okay, she didn't say so directly, but she did flat out say that organizations that operate the way we know Planned Parenthood does ought not to get a dime of taxpayer money:

“We’re not going to ever step up to the plate and accept that health centers that mislead women should get any federal money,” Page said.

Page was, predictably, attacking prolife pregnancy centers. But if we take her at her word -- that what she really objects to is health centers misleading women, this would mean in practice, of course, that PP ought not to get any federal money.

Why not? What women did PP mislead? Well:

  • They misled Holly Patterson into thinking they dispensed abortion drugs in a safe manner.

  • They misled Diana Lopez into believing that her abortion would be performed safely.

  • They misled Andrea Corey into believing that they were referring her to a safe facility.

  • They misled Sherri, telling her that her 8-week unborn child was just "like a blood clot".

  • They misled Christi Stile into thinking that they were referring her to a safe facility.

  • The misled Lauren into thinking they had aborted both of her twins.

  • They misled multiple women into thinking that Inglewood Women's Clinic was a safe, reputable facility.

  • They misled Bangladeshi rape victims into thinking that Harvey Karman was a respected professional capable of performing safe abortions on them, when he was in fact using them as lab rats for an experimental abortion technique involving plastic springs and balsa wood.

  • They misled patients at Planned Parenthood of Mid Michigan.

  • They misled patients at Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona

    And let's not forget the hoax the perpetrated while trying to get CPCs defunded.

    Et cetera ad nauseum.

    Just to put it in a nutshell, let's look at the bottom line:

    Women who died because they trusted Planned Parenthood: Edrica Goode, Diana Lopez, Holly Patterson, Vivian Tran, Nichole Williams, Andrea Corey, Sandra Kaiser, Elizabeth Tsuji

    Women who died because they trusted prolife pregnancy centers:

    So, I say again, if misleading women disqualifies one from receiving federal funding, Planned Parenthood needs to be on the top of the list. The most a CPC has been accused of is annoying women who are hell-bent on abortion. Planned Parenthood has actually caused their deaths. Which is the greater threat to women's well-being?

    So! Let's welcome our newfound ally, abortion-embracing author Christina Page, aboard the de-fund Planned Parenthood bandwagon! Does anybody have any contact information?
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