Thursday, February 05, 2009

1929: Midwife's abortion customer dies

On January 29, 1929, Louise Allman, age 25, underwent an abortion at the home of Amelia K. Jaruez, a midwife. The address is also listed as a medical facility, so evidently she provided care to legitimate patients there as well.

On February 5, Louise died. Jaruez was held by the coroner on February 23, and indicted for homicide by a grand jury, but she was acquitted on July 2. My source doesn't say why.

Research on criminal abortions shows a lot of roadblocks to successful conviction. Prolifers seeking to stop abortion with a ban would do well to study these cases before drafting their laws, so as to close the loopholes these abortionists would wriggle out through. And think creatively, asking, "If I was a lawyer, how would I try to help an abortionist beat the rap?"

For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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Joe said...

It will be difficult to keep abortionist activists off juries who will simply refuse to convict anyone and end up with a hung jury.

Stopping abortion crime can be done, but it is difficult since it is politically popular. The actions taken by the unborn human rights movement in the last 40 years to try to stop abortion violence have been a miserable failure. The movement simply does not understand what it will take to actually end this violence.

It will take aggressive criminal prosecution of everyone involved in the crime, mothers, fathers and criminal abortionists. It will involve holding people in jail while on trial, rather than letting them out to kill again. It will require having judges and prosecutors who are committed to saving unborn children. It will require screening juries to keep dangerous abortionist activists shut out completely.

We desperately need to develop a strategic doctrine to create a political climate in which we can prohibit prenatal homicide at the federal level. We also need to develop a tactical doctrine for actually stopping abortion violence once we have an effective federal law in place to protect unborn children. I do not think we have either right now.