Thursday, February 05, 2009

So close, Bill! Take just one more step!

Bill Gates went to pretty drastic means to impress upon people the importance of malaria eradication. Major, major, major kudos to Bill for taking up this un-glamourous cause. Major, major, major kudos for having this passion for the needs of the world's poorest people, when he is one of the world's richest.

Now, Bill, just get this into your head: Poor people are just as entitled as us well-off folks to the joys of parenthood. They don't need you financing crews to go around spaying and neutering them and offering cheap abortions, as if they're so many stray animals we need to keep from breeding. Stop giving money to population control groups and start diverting it all to basic sanitation infrastructure so that they and their children can live and thrive.

You're almost there, Bill!

Let's pray for him!

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