Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How to Make an Absolutist Happy

1. Do not do anything to try to reach women who are contemplating abortions.

2. Do not try to keep abortionists from injuring or killing women.

3. Do not try in any way to limit abortions.

If your effort can't save every baby in America slated for abortion, don't even bother trying.

Just focus on one thing: The greater your scorn and contempt for other people's efforts to actually prevent abortions, the more God will love you, because you stood up for all the babies slated for abortion. Before you let them all get killed.

Paradoxically, by their own logic, the absolutists should totally oppose overturning Roe. After all, if you overturn Roe, you're implying that the states have a right to permit abortion. So you're not defending all babies.

Anything that might in any way be construed as "And then you can kill the baby" is evil.

So do NOT be a prayer and counseling presence outside abortion mills. The message you're giving is, "Walk past us. And then you can kill the baby."

Don't run a CPC. The message is, "Call this number. And then you can kill the baby."

Don't put up prolife billboards. The message is, "Read this. And then you can kill the baby."

Don't go to March for Life. The message is, "We'll rally here while you kill the baby."

The only acceptable action is pushing relentlessly for a national personhood amendment. (After all, if you only push for it in your state, the message is, "Cross the state line into a neighboring state. And then you can kill the baby.")

Once you have the national level personhood amendment, abortions will go back underground and will continue to happen, but everybody will know that it's without your approval.

So the real message is, "Know that I disapprove and want you to go to jail. And then you can kill the baby."

Though somehow -- and I realize this is evil of me -- I think that the issue of whether or not the baby dies is at least as important as how much the mother knew that you disapproved of killing it.


Joe said...

You come at this problem from a very interesting angle and make some arguments which I had never thought of.

I do continue to argue that the "pragmatists" and the "absolutists" must try to find a way to reach a "meeting of the minds", so to speak.

It is very unfortunate that we have to have this huge disagreement in our movement. After all, we are all interested in the same thing, namely protecting unborn children from violence.

Christina Dunigan said...

I don't mind the absolutists pursing their defeat or Roe, or their Constitutional amendment. I object to when they sabotage other prolifers -- when they actually are working toward the same goal as the abortion lobby, i.e. defeating a law that would reduce abortions.

AND I mind when they take the snotty attitude that incrementalists are somehow rubber stamping abortion requests.

Joe said...

They just need to understand that nobody is trying to "authorize" the killing of an unborn child. Everyone is trying to save lives by any means available.

Anonymous said...

G K Chesterton wrote the solution:
" Let all the babies be born. Then we can drown the ones we don't like". It is about speaking up for the ones that don't have a blog because they are still in what should have been the most sacred place for an unborn child to be: its mother's womb. It was made sacred by God's choice to live in it for nine months. You are talking about holy ground.