Thursday, February 12, 2009

Submit your proposal, get your life-saving project funded

I"m passing this along verbatim from Jill Stanek

Gerard Health Foundation, which was the sponsor of the Life Prizes Awards, has issued the following:


The sole objective of the Gerard Health Foundation, a private charity founded and funded by Raymond and Marilyn Ruddy, is "saving lives."

We want to fund projects that save the most lives for the least amount of dollars.

If you are interested in responding to this request for proposals please submit 1-3 pages maximum telling us the following:

  • How many lives you can save?

  • What will you do to save these lives?

  • On what basis (scientific research, past experience, etc.) do you believe these many lives can be saved?

  • How many dollars you need to accomplish your objective?

    Please respond by March 31, 2009 to Jack Malloy at

  • I'd suggest doing some research into what have been the most effective approaches, and building on their strengths. Is there a sidewalk counsellor with an impressive history of saves? Is there a CPC that is particularly effective in reaching abortion-minded women? Has an ad campaign shown effectiveness? Then get to it!

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