Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Choice" is groovy -- or whatever term kids are using these days

Pro-aborts to protest pregnancy care centers

There's a spot in Hell for whoever is rallying those young useful idiots. If even one of those girls did her homework she'd realize she's being sent out to chant "truth" in support of a concerted effort to keep other young women as ignorant and isolated as possible for the sole benefit of the abortion lobby. She'd realize that if she wanted to stand against lies, she'd have to plant herself outside the local abortion mill, handing out leaflets with the decidedly un-hip and un-cool prolifers, referring women to the CPCs.

I realize I need to properly identify the real Enemy -- and it's not those empty-headed girls. They no doubt think they're standing up for Women, and for Rights, and for Truth, and for Justice, and for All Manner of Groovy Things. They don't mean any harm. But they're effectively cutting off the last vestiges of hope for women who don't WANT the abortions these girls are assuming that they want.

It's things like this that allowed me to see the hand of Satan at work long before I could see the hand of God. There has to be some sort of supernatural intelligence to turn mindless trust of The Nice People into the kind of damage these young women are doing, to their own souls as well as to the lives of the women who won't get help because they're there.

Are youth and blind trust in the wrong people enough of an excuse for the evil that they're accomplishing with their well-meaning, bobble-headed rallying against the only hope and love being offered?

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