Saturday, February 07, 2009

Why the sudden interest?

Suddenly the blogosphere is abuzz about little Shanice Williams, the baby killed after she was born alive in a Florida abortion mill.

My blog was flooded with a massive amount of visitors since the MSM started covering the story. Searches for Belkis Gonzalez, Sycloria Williams, and variations on "baby born alive and thrown away" have brought my page views to an all-time high:

Shanice is hardly the first baby deliberately put to death for the unforgivable sin of surviving an abortion attempt. In fact, given what we know of how many abortionists are selling late abortions, the survival chances of preemies, how easy it is to miscalculate gestational ages, how slovenly abortion practitioners often are, and how abortion laws are enforced, we also know this: the sort of thing that happened in that Florida clinic is literally an everyday occurrence.

Why this sudden massive interest in something that happens every day?

Is it because Shanice was given a name, rather than just being "a baby" or "a fetus that survived an abortion"?

Is it because of the biohazard bag?

Is it because she was tossed on the roof?

Is it because she was actively killed instead of just abandoned to die of neglect?

Why is there so much more interest in Shanice's brief life and cruel death than in so many other children who survived a prenatal attempt on their lives, only to be finished off by the people who had, after all, been paid to kill them?

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    WKen said...

    I'd like to think that this will get someone's attention, and maybe they'll remember it next time we talk about the "slippery slope" of disregarding life.

    Sadly, I know Americans too well.