Friday, February 13, 2009


  • The Greatest Joy -- and who, really, is your true self?

  • This cartoon at Jewish World Review nails the impact of the "stimulus" on "health care reform".

  • Devilish Thoughts on Abortion

  • And for the WTF? category, a book, Our Bodies, Our Crimes, reviewed here. What's up with the cover? Is the author lamenting a prostitution arrest? Implying that this woman is being arrested (right out in the street) for possession of birth control pills or having an abortion? For being female? How out-of-touch are the contents of the book, when the cover seems to be implying that merely being female is grounds for immediate arrest?

    The reviewer wanted to be kind but couldn't; likely the book is a literary train wreck -- something horrid that you just can't stop staring at. I imagine the author just ranting endlessly about how any time any woman doesn't get her way in a matter related to her reproductive organs or the fruits thereof, it's because she's being "criminalized" for being female by the "patriarchy". (I'm not only judging a book by its cover -- though this one deserves to be. I'm also considering the review, which noted that the author "deplores both the medicalization of abortion and its distance from mainstream medical practice—but what does she propose as a viable alternative?" Sounds like somebody who's just never satisfied with anything and makes a profession of griping.


    Gapper said...

    Thanks for the link to "Devilish Thoughts"! I read "The Screwtape Letters" in highschool (too many years ago to tell you!) Maybe it's time to read it again, helps me remember what's going on in that realm, and remind me to daily put on my armor.

    Feminist Review said...

    Thanks for the mention!!