Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Prayers for Calif. family

4-Year-Old Killed After Climbing in Washing Machine

A 4-year-old girl climbed into a front loading washer, and her little brother either hit or bumped a button that started the machine. It's estimated she was in there for at least two minutes before her mother found her, dead from blunt-force trauma.

That mother will never be right again, and the little boy will be an emotional wreck because no matter how you couch it, no matter how accidental it was, his reality is going to be that he killed his sister. Trust me, I know whereof I speak. The fact that you were only a toddler when it happened and you intended no harm doesn't spare you any guilt or anguish.

Prayers, prayers, prayers.


Kathy said...

Oh, this breaks my heart! And terrifies me. We have a front-loader and my kids are 4 & 2. Oh, tragic! I never let them play with it, but it only takes once. Unthinkable!

Subvet said...

God help that family.

Christina Dunigan said...

It is frightening and heartbreaking. My granddaughter is just 4, and I think of how horrible it would be to lose her, especially in a way like that, that leaves you imagination playing on the child's terror as she was trapped. How mothers survive things like that ... well, it's not because they want to.

My own brother was killed in a freak accident when we were out playing in the yard. He was 6 and I was 2. So I can feel for the little brother who accidentally killed his sister and is too young to realize what happened, as well as for the mom and grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends and neighbors. They need God's grace desperately because I can't see how they can function otherwise.