Saturday, February 21, 2009

Which is more invasive?

Annapolis tattoo debate turns into abortion clash

Seems the Republicans in Annapolis leaped on the chance to stick an amendment onto a bill that would have required parental consent for tattoos -- an amendment requiring parental consent for abortion as well.

The Lefties went got the vapors. Why a tattoo is something permanent and significant that a parent should know about beforehand and have a chance to veto! But an abortion? Never!

They couldn't come up with a good reason to mandate parental consent for being stuck with a needle while keeping getting sharp instruments stuck into your internal organs on the "trivial pursuits" list. I'll give them one:

Mom could SEE that you got a tattoo, so she's bound to find out anyway. But abortion is invisible! So it's not like she'd ever find out!

But you might get a tattoo on your ass where Mom wouldn't see it anyway... And if you were pregnant enough, she'd notice that your baby bump was missing. So that doesn't work, does it?

So the Maryland abortion lovers were left with, "well it's just not fair to pollute our bill! We want it to be only about those terribly dangerous tattoos, not about something as ... as... as ...

... We'll get back to you on why telling parents before you scrape Susie out is a bad idea."


Anonymous said...

And, of course, if you start bleeding, you may be able to keep it secret long enough to bleed to death, but Mom and Dad will probably find out when they find the body. . . .

Christina Dunigan said...

Which brings up the inconvenient truth that teens who undergo secret abortions suffer more serious complications, because they delay seeking aftercare until they're nearly moribund, in their attempts to maintain secrecy.

Unknown said...

The Eph. 5:11 verse reminds me of what is said previously in chapter 4 about not using any coarse speech and about how it's shameful even to speak what unblievers do. It is the nature of the world to broadcast pleasures and to disguise anguish as something other than the direct consequence of an action. Sadly there will probably be more abortions, more post abortion deaths due to complication, and even a lot of confused parents several years down the road when their daughters are married and legitimately, yet unsuccessfully, trying to have children (and the daughters are too ashamed to tell the parents that something went wrong in an abortion procedure). Regardless of the law, teenagers should be taught that nothing is so shameful that going to a stranger first is better than trusting their own parents.