Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Amazing new site!

Voices for Women provides vital information focusing on two abortionists and their mills:

  • Hodari/Womancare: this is the guy who killed Tamiia Russell and Chivon Williams -- and, as I've just learned from Voices for Women, Regina Johnson and an unnamed 17-year-old girl.

    This is what Voices for Women has about Regina Johnson: Patient suffered respiratory/cardiac arrest following her abortion. Clinic failed to assist her or call for an ambulance. Oxygen was deprived for an extended period of time. She died shortly after.

    This is what they have on the unnamed patient: 17yr old girl died in October 2007 as a result of abortion related causes the day after obtaining an abortion at Womancare of Downriver/Southgate. At the time of her death, her parents did not know she had ever been pregnant let alone had an abortion.

    I have asked them for their documents so that I can add these young women to the Cemetery of Choice.

  • Reginald Sharpe

    They also provide a page that provides the latest news about their local abortionists.

    Every abortionist in America should have somebody holding their feet to the fire like this, documenting their past and tracking their current activities. They should have no place to hide from public scrutiny of the evil that they do.
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