Sunday, May 08, 2005

About those NAF clinics in Kentucky...

One of them hired a security chief who used the clinic as a rape site:

Two Women Raped at Abortion Clinic to Sue
The chief of security for the EMW Women's Surgical Center, an abortion clinic in Louisville Kentucky, has been sentenced to 10 years for raping two women in their early twenties. The April 2002 Life Dynamics newsletter, Life Activist, reports that 44-year-old Anthony Harvell pled guilty after DNA tests tied him to both victims. .... One of the victims, Barbara Stinson, told Life Dynamic's writer Gary McCullough that Harvell drove her down an alley, punched a code to open a security gate, unlocked the back door to the abortion clinic, placed his gun on the table and raped her inside the clinic.

Stinson holds that the abortion clinic is responsible saying, "he controlled the premises, he unlocked fences, he unlocked the back door. He knew he could take me there. And when the case first started, I had harassing phone calls coming from the abortion clinic calling me a liar, calling me a whore. I had a lot of harassment from the abortion clinic." Stinson says the voices making the harassing calls were female. Louisville police traced the calls to the abortion clinic.

EMW is a National Abortion Federation member facility.

Hey, prochoicers: When are you gonna hold these NAF goons accountable?

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