Friday, May 27, 2005

Abu Hayat attempts name change

Don't panic -- he's still in the hoosegow, he's been rejected for parole twice, and won't be eligible for release until July of 2006. That might be pushed to July 2007 because of a refusal to provide a mandatory DNA sample in 2001.

But Hayat did request a name change, to Alba D.R. Willobeyeee. The judge rejected the petition on the grounds that the initials might mislead people into thinking he was a doctor. Hayat didn't say how he picked out the name, but did say he was seeking a new name because he'd converted to Christianity. I'm skeptical.

Hayat brought a whole load of trouble onto his own head in 1991, when he ripped the arm off a 32-week fetus who was subsequently born alive. The plight of baby Ana Rosa Rodriguez (pictured) gained national attention; she even appeared on Donahue. And with the publicity came scrutiny, revealing a sordid background including the death of Sophie McCoy seventeen-year-old abortion patient, just the year earlier. There was so much publicity over Hayat's exploits that we started to joke at Life Dynamics that even people sending us hate mail were enclosing clippings about Hayat.

Hayat was sentenced to prison both over the abortion that maimed Ana Rosa, and for another abortion in which he discharged a bleeding woman from his clinic in the middle of an abortion because her husband couldn't come up with additional money.

What the press somehow never got around to mentioning is that Hayat was a member of the National Abortion Federation. You remember them -- the folks who won't allow quacks in their ranks. Yup. If you believe that, there are some Nigerians who need your bank account numbers so they can transfer currency.

To see Hayat's disciplinary documents with the New York medical board, just pop over here and do a search for him. While you're at it, check on David Benjamin, who used to be Elias Bonrouhi before changing his name to try to hide his unsavory background. The last thing we need is to allow quacks to change their names.

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