Thursday, May 05, 2005

Op-R, tone it down!

Operation Rescue's blog is going off the deep end with this one: 2,000 Abortionists Under One Roof!
Imagine having all the abortionists in North America in the same place at the same time. Yes, every purveyor of child-killing in one location.

Well, first of all, hardly every abortionist in North America is gonna be there. A lot of them are cheapskate quacks who can't be bothered to attend medical conventions. Others will be going to NAF or PP or ACAP seminars to get their con-ed credits -- especially since this particular clinical gathering isn't even addressing abortion.

Second, they're not all abortionists, even under OR's rather loose "guilt by association" standards. One presenter, Dr. T. M. Goodwin, is presenting on Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy, a subject very dear to the heart of Ashli at The SICKLE Cell, since severe nausea and vomiting -- and how poor her care was -- wore her down until she ended up on the abortion table. Do we want to be attacking this guy, when he's a voice of reason, a voice for women like Ashli? And what about other docs who are there, like Dr. Goodwin, being salt and light? Attacking them as "abortionists" isn't just counter-productive, it's bearing false witness, which is breaking a Commandment. Last time I checked, God hadn't ranked the Commandments and said that we could ignore some while attacking others.

Another underhanded tactic OR is using is listing all the abortion-related presentations at last year's event -- ignoring the fact that there are no abortion presentations being given at this year's event. (And okay, there may be some instructions on when to do or refer for abortions, but address what's actually going on, not what they did last year.) We should be celebrating that they're not having a slew of abortionists instructing their fellows on how to better kill fetuses this year. This is progress, something to celebrate, and something we should be praising the ACOG for.

Let's be more credible, OR. And more honest.

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