Friday, May 06, 2005

UN, PP seek to undermine Islamic teachings

Read the full report, UNFPA, IPPF Organize Pakistani Conference to Undermine Muslim Teaching on Abortion/Contraception at C-Fam.
A three-day international conference of Muslim scholars that portrayed contraception and even abortion as acceptable to Islam wraps up today in Islamabad, Pakistan. The International Ulama Conference on Population and Development was the first of its kind, bringing together Muslim teachers to explore whether Islam could approve of family planning and "reproductive health" programs. The Conference was organized by Pakistan's Ministry of Population Welfare with support from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA)....

The Minister for Population Welfare, Shahbaz Hussain, explained that Pakistan's government has been working to gain the approval of religious scholars for Pakistan's recent embrace of population control programs based on family planning and "reproductive health." Hussain explained that the government has established "Mobile Service Units" that provide door-to-door "family planning and reproductive health services," and has expanded "reproductive health services centers," as well as running a media campaign to promote family planning.

The conference was attended by several key members of Pakistan's government, the representatives of at least 18 countries, including Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia, and important Muslim scholars from at least 29 countries.

Ms. Hong Ping of the Chinese chapter of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), who presented at the conference, explained in her paper that currently there is "misunderstanding and misperception of reproductive health and family planning prevailing among the Muslims, such as...'abortion is life-killing,' etc. All of [this] traditional ideology tends to result in resistance to reproductive health services and acceptance of family planning measures."....

Undermining traditional religious teachings of many faiths has long been the desire and goal of UNFPA and other proponents of UN-style family planning. UNFPA executives consistently have misstated Catholic teachings on contraception.

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