Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Well, is it her choice or not?

There's been controversy for years about pro-anorexia sites on the internet. The women who maintain these sites encourage one another to starve themselves, exercise, and waste themselves away to nothing.

Now, is this a mental health issue? Is it about allowing women to do whatever they want with their bodies? I mean, does the "Trust Women" slogan apply? They don't see what they're doing as sick or problematic. Is anorexia, as they claim, another valid lifestyle choice? Like, say, abortion? Sure, a lot of them regret it later. Sure, many of them die. But you can say that about abortion, too. Plenty of women regret it later. Plenty of women end up permanently injured or even dead. But hey, it's a lifestyle choice. Why shouldn't anorexia be?

Not that I"m applauding anorexia or the pro-anorexia sites. I just see a lot of parallels that I don't think the abortion lobby can satisfactorily deal with.

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