Saturday, May 21, 2005

MSM, get it right!

I've lost count of how many news cllips I've seen and how many stories I've read that paint those of us opposed to gutting embryos as being "opponents of stem cell research."

One more time, with feeling: We are not opposed to stem cell research! We're just opposed to gutting embryos to get them.

And frankly, we're bewildered by the obsession with cloning to get genetically matched embryos to gut, since embryonic stem cells have produced nothing but disasters. Treatments already exist, and many more are on the horizon, using the patient's own stem cells. Why go through the Dr. Frankenstein step of creating and killing a clone in search of a Magic Bullet, when we have what we need right in the patient's own body, free of ethical baggage, free of the disturbing risks of embryonic stem cells. What's the deal anyway?

This obsession with emrbyonic stem cells is doubly morally repulsive, because it not only involves killing embryos, it is wasting resources that could be bringing real healing instead of false hopes. What is with these people?

Let's look at what adult and cord-blod stem cells are doing:

Enough with gutting embryos already! Start treating ailing patients!

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