Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blogger ponders: Why aren't prolifers against IVF?

Nemohee ponders:
Why aren't the anti-abortion people, who believe that adoption is the answer that having an abortion is playing God, rallying against IVF? Having a baby that's assembled in a lab is more like playing God to me. Why aren't Pro-Choice people rallying as well, if we are for reducing the number of abortions?

Well, personally hate the idea of IVF because of the fact that it involved putting embryos in the freezer and often abandoning them there. It also results in too many multiple pregnancies that place the lives of the babies at risk both during gestation and after premature birth. Though I don't want to see IVF outright banned, I want to see protections in place:

1. There should be limits placed on how many embryos are created at one time, to prevent the creation of embryos that get left in the freezer.
2. There should be limits placed on how many embryos are implanted at one time, to prevent the multiple gestations that are so risky to mother and babies.
3. There should be provisions in place for custody of the embryos that aren't implanted, either because the parents divorce or because the parents choose not to implant them all. IVF creates children, not property. It's inexcusably irresponsible to go to so much trouble to create children, then leave no provisions for them to be cared for should the parents be unwilling or unable to care for them.

How about the rest of you? Tell us, are you prolife or prochoice, and where do you stand on IVF?

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