Monday, May 30, 2005

Yes, they died before Roe

Nineteen-year-old Annette Camorato was an aspiring actress with the stage name of Toni Morgan. Some time in May of 1934, Annette died of abortion complications. Annette's brother-in-law, Dr. Harry A. Felice, was charged with homicide in Annette's death, but was later released due to lack of evidence.

Yes, women died of illegal abortions. And they died from the occasional legal abortion a doctor arranged prior to widespread legalization. Now it's more common to die from legal abortions, and the illegal abortion deaths are unusual. The common thread is the obvious one: each of these women died at the hands of somebody who considered abortion to be an appropriate action to take.

As long as people are promoting abortion as a solution to women's problems, many women will believe that abortion truly is a solution, and some of them will die as a result. So if you don't want women to die from botched abortions, quit promoting abortion.

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