Monday, May 30, 2005

Parental involvement in abortion

Now, when the blogosphere is all abuzz over parental involvement in abortion, it's a good time to review the old "teen endangerment" myth the abortion lobby has built up around this topic. Read A Tale of Two Abortions, an examination of one teenage girl who died from an induced abortion, and another whose death is falsely attributed to abortion.

The truth is that in their desperation to find a death, any death, that they could blame on parental involvement laws, they latched onto the closest thing they could find: a girl who miscarried while dying of pneumonia. But to find teens who died of abortions done behind their parents' backs, you'd not have to look far:
Even with parental involvement, abortions will continue to kill teenagers. Seventeen-year-old Teresa Causey was clutching her mother's hand when she died on the abortion table, gasping, "Oh, mama, mama, it hurts so much!" Erna Fisher's mother was holding her hand when she choked to death on her own vomit on the abortion table. So clearly, involving teenagers' parents isn't a panacea. But when teens know that their parents will have to be involved in their abortion decisions, fewer of them risk pregnancy to begin with. Fewer teens risking pregnancy means fewer teens risking abortion. Parental involvement means that those teens that do resort to abortion will have no need to fear reporting complications to their parents. They will also have the financial help of their parents, and experienced guidance, reducing the chances that they'll turn to a fly-by-night, filthy, cut-rate abortion mill. Fewer teens at risk, and a lower risk for those teens who do gamble their lives on the abortion table, will mean fewer devastated parents choking back silent screams at their daughters' deathbeds. How anybody could oppose this is anybody's guess.

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