Saturday, May 21, 2005

Lest we forget.... Kimberly Neil

On this date, May 22, in 2000, Kimberly Neil was added to the rolls of women and girls who died after botched abortions at Edward Allred's Family Planning Associates Medical Group facilities. FPA is a member of the National Abortion Federation.

FPA's checkered past is far too extensive in scope for this blog. Wright's closet, on the other hand, has a more manageable number of skeletons. He was sued over the 1986 abortion death of 17-year-old Laniece Dorsey. He was a co-defendant in the lawsuit filed over the death of 37-year-old Josefina Garcia. Wright has been a defendant in a multitude of other abortion malpractice suits, including:

  • L.V.: abortion by Allred and/or Wright and/or Morton Sacks and/or Soon G. Sohn and/or D. Cannon October 28, 1989 at FPA facility; transported Linda to San Vicente for treatment October 28 - November 6; subsequent cramps, hemorrhage, emergency surgery, hospitalization, due to incomplete abortion.

  • J.V.: abortion at FPA by Allred and/or Wright and/or and/or J. Terrell Crad and/or Sohn July 19, 1983; patient "rendered sick, lame, disabled and suffered injuries which caused and continue to cause pain, suffering, intense anxiety, emotional distress, insecurity, and apprehension;" loss of earnings.

  • A.A.: abortion by Allred and/or Wright October 28, 1980; admitted to hospital November 1 for gynecological infection; A. suffered "severe and permanent injury, disability and damages."

  • C.W.: abortion by Allred and/or Leslie Orleans and/or Wright at FPA May 10. 1978; incomplete abortion, "massive uterine bleeding necessitating further medical care."

  • P.T.: abortion by Allred and/or Wright at Pregnancy Control Medical Group August 6, 1976; failure to diagnose ectopic pregnancy; Penny "suffered severe, acute pain, a ruptured tubal pregnancy, hemoperitoneum, shock, and a resulting total abdominal hysterectomy" August 20.

  • P.C.: abortion performed October 5, 1982, when she was not actually pregnant. Suit names as co defendants Allred, Soon Sohn, Wright, and Ruben Marmet.

  • V.P.: abortion March 2, 1980; failure to warn of risks; negligence resulting in "disabling injuries to her body and to her small bowel and uterus, requiring surgical repair." Wright was named as co-defendant.

  • D.B.: abortion at Avalon by Allred and/or Wright June 19, 1976; incomplete abortion; inadequate follow-up instruction and care; hemorrhage several days later necessitating hospitalization to prevent death and repair damage.

Other suits relating to non-abortion or unspecified procedures include:

  • P.S.: 1977 surgery by Wright at FPA's Avalon Hospital; displaced IUD that was in place at time of surgery; patient required hospital and medical treatment.

  • S.V.: improperly attended coming out of anesthesia following October 21, 1985 tubal ligation by Allred and/or Wright; fell, struck by gurney, injured; post-op infection.

  • P.B.: 1976 suit, failure to diagnose and treat, resulting in damages.

  • L.G.: in 1974, suture of left ureter during hysterectomy; patient subsequently required cystouethroscopy, left retrograde pyelogram, and left uretero-neocystotomy, with reimplantation of the left ureter to the bladder, also continuing pain and suffering and need for medical care.

Note that these suits were uncovered in searches in Orange and Los Angeles counties; to my knowledge, nobody has yet done a search for suits against Wright or FPA in Fresno County.

It surely would be refreshing to see all the cheerleaders for "safe and legal" abortion start actually demanding safety.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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