Monday, May 23, 2005


Who says everybody takes abortion seriously? The Family Research Council has a clip of the radio show with Elliot Segal of Washington, D.C.'s radio station DC101 holding a contest to see which listeners had the most abortions.

The first caller on the clip tells of how, at 13, she learned that the "boyfriend" who had impregnanted her was actually a cousin, so her father forced her to have an abortion. This got a laugh out of Segal, but he dismissed her three abortions as chump change. Then a male caller claimed responsibility for 16 abortions and started a trend of boasting dudes.

FRC requires that you "order" the clip, providing some information, but the clip itself is free. They do request a donation but they don't pester about it. Add this clip to your library. Put it on your iPod and play it to prochoicers who insist that nobody uses abortion for birth control, that abortion is a "tragic necessity," that it's always taken seriously, etc. Just don't expect them to listen to the whole thing.

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