Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Baby Rowan autopsy report

Operation Rescue has obtained and posted Baby Rowan's autopsy report.

As I suspected, there was no testing done of the fluid in Baby Rowan's lungs to see if he had inhaled water from the toilet. The lungs were simply weighed, then tied off and placed in water to see if they would float.

Is it too late to take Baby Rowan's lungs and see exactly what kind of fluid was in them? And why, since the mother's contention was that he'd been born alive into a toilet, did the medical examiner fail to test for exactly what kind of fluid was in this child's lungs?

Another point that supports the mother's story is that there were no signs of intrauterine death, such as skin slippage. There was also no puncture wound of Rowan's chest for the digoxin injection the abortionist supposedly performed to kill him in-utero.

To get an idea of Baby Rowan's size compared to preemies, check this Tiniest Babies site. Keep in mind that this is a site of babies whose survival was surprising because of their extreme small size, as small as 260 grams. Rowan weighed 480 grams. But Rowan's estimated gestational age was 21-22 weeks. Weight and age are important factors in survival, as is the baby's sex, since boys tend to be more fragile and less likely to survive.

Of course, had Rowen not been aborted in the first place, we'd not be having this discussion. The points here are:

1. Baby Rowan's life and death are further evidence against the abortion lobby's contention that later abortions are only done on ailing mothers or severely handicapped babies. Rowan's mom, and Rowen himself, were perfectly hale and hearty until the abortion.

2. It's interesting to me that the abortion lobby has a "Trust women!" motto, then they call Angele a liar. If women are so universally trustworthy, why don't they believe this woman? Is it because her story is one they don't like?

3. So much for not needing the "Born Alive Infants Protection Act."

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