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Recommended reading: Hillary's "common ground" begins to shift under its false weight. Snippets:
The issue of abortion is a deep fault line in the nation, and the only real common ground to be found at any fault line would have to be a created ground, i.e. a bridge. And a bridge built over a fault line will easily crumble, as fault lines are notoriously unstable. Mrs. Clinton's suggestion, while laudable (I suppose) for its tone, brings no solutions and satisfies no one because it does not address what caused the initial shift in the plate tectonics of American morality. That instability was wrought by a simple question and its two possible answers: Is abortion really okay, or not? If so, then it should always be okay, and there can be no common ground. If not, then it should never be okay. And there can be no common ground.

Food for thought.
Here is where the press - even conservative papers like the NY Post - make their bloomer. Clinton never preached moderation. Her "common ground" comments amounted to: "I'm not moving one step closer to the middle, but I think we should talk nicer to each other about this until we finally get these pro-lifers to give it up."

A cynical but, I think, accurate assessment. Ain't gonna work, Hillary!
Because the truth is what I have already said: there can be no common ground on this issue. There can be no common ground on an idea that an "adult in good faith" should be able to take an underage girl out of state to procure an abortion. While Hillary and her cohorts plead "compassion" here what they are doing is making it easy for your 14 year-old daughter's 24 year-old exploiter to take her across the state lines and have the evidence of his statutory rape vacuumed out of her body before he leaves her, crushed and alone, to deal forever with what has happened to her. While her family knows nothing about any of it and wonders why she is suddenly depressed, morose, dressing in black and cutting herself.

That's compassion for you.

Preach it! Amen!
I have an idea! Let's do something a little radical today, okay? Let's actually sit down and talk for a moment about what is going when a woman is having an abortion. ... Let's start from the rather acceptable premise that "what goes around comes around," aka Karma. And just for fun let's bring in the sort of new-agey idea of "energy" or "life force" - what Chinese Medicine calls "chi" and put it all together, and see what we get, mmkay?

Okay, when sperm meets egg and creates the troublesome creature known as a human zygote, embryo, fetus, baby, we see cells multiply and multiply - an event that is powered by something - call it a life-force. There is energy there - real energy, moving, growing, creating, evolving - and that energy is protected and nurtured within the walls of a uterus, deep within the body of a human female - utterly at her core.

She's right that there's a powerful energy there. I'd say it's the soul, but we'll call it "chi" for the sake of argument. I don't care what you call it, but you gotta acknowledge it, because it's pretty amazing.
Well, there are many means of "dis-enabling the life force" of a fetus. Some are more efficient than others, and some are less dangerous than others. These days the most legal abortions are performed by inserting a sort of vacuum into the vagina of a female of pretty much any age, its nozzel inserted past the cervix of the uterus and introduced to the creature clinging to the walls of the uterus.... The vacuum is turned on, the creature is quickly ripped to shreds and sucked through the pipe, landing in a sterile little container that will remind you of those "baby-in-a-blender" jokes you might have heard in Jr. High School. The life force, or chi, or energy of the baby is gone. Destroyed. And that violent action took place deeply within the body of the woman ... so, where her body once hosted an innocent and pure, rather positive sort of chi, there is now an energy of a different sort, a mean energy, a destructive energy, a chi of catastrophic violence and death.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Destroy a good chi, and you will only do so by introducing a bad chi. Any Chinese physician will tell you this. In the case of an abortion, you get to live with that bad energy not just around you but inside you. And it's not a bad energy that simply found its way inside you, like a cancer or disease. ... no, it's a bad, negative, murderous energy, that you have brought inside yourself. You've invited it in.

This cannot be a good thing. They never tell us stuff like this, when they talk about abortion, do they? No. ... all we ever hear is how abortion serves women. Truthfully, abortion serves men, and it serves The Destructor. For most women, they have not been served, only further burdened.

Can't argue with that.
Now, if a pregnancy is too far along for the vacuum, if the little life-force has grown enough to have a substantial hold on its mother ... in this case, he or she will dilate - or open - the cervix and introduce a curette and scrape and pull and yank the stubborn little mite apart. All of this happens, again, within the woman's womb. Deeply inside the woman, violence and murder are taking place. She's traded her little bundle of inconvenience for a bundle of negative chi. She's supposed to hop off the table and feel good about all that, afterward.

Good point.
We've heard for thirty years that a woman who has been raped should not have to bear the additional burden of carrying and delivering the rapist's child. And on a purely emotional and sympathetic level, most people will nod their heads and agree. But I wonder about it. I've read numerous stories of women who delivered their babies concieved in rape - either to raise the child or to allow its adoption - and I have never seen such a woman declare that doing so extended the terror of her rape or victimized her further. Usually these women say just the opposite - that in allowing the innocent baby (which is partly her own flesh) to live, she has delivered herself of something horrific, that out of something profoundly negative, they have managed to deliver something positive and yes, healing.

A positive from a negative - the exact opposite of abortion. I have never been able to understand how a woman who has been violated and victimized in rape can be somehow cleansed of the effects of that rape by the additional violation and violence of an abortion. Maybe it's possible, but I just don't see how. How does an abortion after rape bring healing and closure to a victim? .... But does it ever, really? It's a question no one is asking, anywhere. It needs asking.

Well said.

My choice of snippets has made the piece seem much more disjointed than it is. Read the whole thing for yourself.

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