Saturday, October 13, 2007

40 Days For Life updates

From Sacramento: "Tuesdays and Fridays are usually abortion mornings here. But thanks be to God, the next day --Tuesday -- the abortionist never showed up. Prayers are being answered!"

Prayers needed for a woman taking a break in her chemo to let her baby mature to where they can deliver and then continue her chemo. NB: There's never been any evidence that abortion increases a mother's odds of surviving cancer. The rationale is that chemo might hurt the baby, so better kill it to be on the safe side. Fetus-friendly chemo regimens are available. Anybody needing links, I can look them up later. Right now I'm blogging quickly before I leave for church so I don't have time!

Abortionists in Kansas are not happy campers.

There will be a Midpoint Rally in D.C. on the 16th.

Please let me know of any other updates.

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