Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today's searches

Somebody was searcing for "twilight sedation abortion". I have the following cases on file:
  • The newsletter Feminist Voices slammed the Bread & Roses abortion mill, and owner Aleksander Jakubowski. Ex-employees who spoke to Feminist Voices also alleged that Jakubowski had then "push" twilight sleep on patients at $60 a dose, sometimes threatening to send a woman home if she refused.
  • Abortionist Steve Brigham performed the botched abortion on "Millie" under twilight sedation.
  • The ill-trained staff at Maryland's Hillview abortion facility were supposedly trying to induce twilight sleep on Debra Gray when they put her under for her fatal abortion.
  • A disgruntled staffer at Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona complained that a new doctor was using twilight anesthesia though the clinic had no protocols for using it.

    Somebody wanted information on 22 week fetus.
  • Before: Illustration: "SIZE: weight about 12.25 ounces (350g). Crown-to-rump length at this time is about 7.6 inches (19cm). .... Bones of the ear - hammer, anvil and stirrup - harden, making sound conduction possible. Fetus recognizes maternal sounds such as breathing, heartbeat, voice, and digestion. .... Respiratory system continues to develop; lungs are not yet able to transfer oxygen to bloodstream and release carbon dioxide by exhaling."
  • During: Illustration photo showing removal of head.
  • After: induction, D&E

    Somebody else wanted "20 week abortion". The pictures above are close enough as far as the fetus goes. As for the mothers:
  • "Vicki" was 20 weeks pregnant when she underwent a fatal aboriton.
  • "Francine" was 20 weeks pregnant when she endured a botched abortion at Eastern Women's Center.
  • Margot" thought she was less than 12 weeks pregnant, but her baby turned out to be 20 weeks along.
  • C.J. LaBenz initiated what he thought was a 20-week abortion, but the patient gave birth to a live 27-week baby that was left unattended in a dirty utility room until he died.
  • Gail Wright died of sepsis from her 20-week abortion.
  • "Malorie" was 20 weeks pregnant when she underwent her fatal saline abortion.
  • Mary Bradley was 20 weeks pregnant when she underwent her fatal legal abortion.
  • David Benjamin fatally injured Guadalupe Negron trying to abort her 20 week fetus.
  • Other 20-week abortion fatalities include "Brenda", "Barbara", Sharon Hamplton, Lisa Bardsley, and "Colleen".

    Somebody else wanted "abortion mill stories". Welcome to my blog. That's pretty much what I do. Check in daily.

    Rosie Jimenez, the woman who saved $10 by picking an illegal abortion over one at Planned Parenthood, remains a popular search.

    Christina Goesswein, one of the many victims of Moshe Hachamovitch was a popular search as well.
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