Friday, October 05, 2007

Roundup du jour

'Lake of Fire' takes camera into abortion clinics

The reviewer is clearly on the prochoice side of the fence, referring to abortion as an issue of "reproductive rights"; describing Nat Hentoff as "arguing against abortion" but Noam Chomsky as "supporting a woman's right to choose". But the review is balanced. And the film is not for the faint of heart, and probably not for the staunchly pro-choice: "Concerned that he leave no fragments of an aborted fetus in his patient's uterus, a doctor reassembles the body parts -- tiny feet, arms, a head with a clearly discernible face -- into a nearly intact whole. And the camera never blinks." (HT: Jivin' J

Here's secular coverage of the DeHenre case, the abortionist turned alleged rapist and wife-killer. (With another tip of the hat to JJ.) 

A reminder to those of you stateside: Life Chain is this weekend

Jivin' J has another of his roundup of ringing endorsements of abortion, including this description of our safe and legal abortion utopia: "The clinic was nothing like I imagined it to be from the website description. It had a very uncomfortable looking cramped sleezy waiting room. There were piles upon piles of women, some huddled into corners, waiting for their appointments. I got called in and filled out a series of forms, than a few other girls and I were huddled into a small room to watch a poorly put together explanation of what goes on at Northland Family Planning. After that was done we all moved back into the waiting room of hell. .... The ultra sound showed a cute 8 week 3 day zygote. It looked a little bit to me like Casper the friendly ghost... only the size of a quarter... needless to say I ran back into the waiting room crying. .... The pills were doing crazy things to our bodies. We were all heating up and getting cramps that made us double over onto the dirty floor. We kept racing to the bathroom to puke. Sometimes there would be two girls puking at once. .... I remember screaming in pain and the nurse telling me to breathe through my nose and out my mouth. .... I saw girls ushered into the room clutching their stomachs and looking like zombies... I could tell they didn't have the twilight sedation. .... Krys wanted to see the ultra sound, but since he wasn't allowed back with me, they printed out a picture of it and put it in my baggie with my perscriptions and instructions. He could only look at it for a short time, it hurt him very deeply. Since we got home he has been crying." 

And HT to Ashli for linking to the letter of 20/20 hindsight. And we're monsters for tying to spare women regret like this.

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