Monday, October 15, 2007

I've written up the three new RU-486 deaths

I hate treating them as nameless "Patient A" or "Jane Doe #1", so I've given them names: Cherish, Tara, and Wanda.

Cherish was somewhere in the midwestern United States and underwent an old-fashioned prostaglandin abortion in the second trimester. She died of a clostridium perfringens infection. This is a very unusual abortion method, so we should be able to figure out where she underwent the fatal abortion by identifying which midwestern abortion practitioner uses this method.

Tara initially had an unsuccessful attempted surgical abortion, followed by an unsuccessful medical abortion involving mifepristone, and then followed by a second and successful surgical abortion. The woman was hospitalized approximately one month after taking mifepristone, and she died approximately 24 hours after admission during a hysterectomy. There was no autopsy, but pathology findings included a degenerated, pus-filled uterine fibroid. Cultures were negative for any Clostridial bacteria. Based on the available evidence at this time, FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) do not believe this death was related to the use of mifepristone.

Wanda was in the western United States, took 200 mg of mifepristol orally, then followed up with 800 mcg of misoprostol vaginally, to induce an abortion. She died from Clorstridium perfringens infection. She almost certainly had her abortion at a Planned Parenthood.

If anybody has more information about these three deaths, please let me know.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Christina Dunigan said...

I couldn't resist telling PP thanks, both by email and on their "Emily X" blog:

I just wanted to thank you. Your "Emily X" blog led to a chain of events that ended with me discovering three US abortion deaths tied to RU-486 that I'd been previously unware of. That brings the number I know of up to eight: Holly Patterson, Chanelle Bryant, Oriene Shevin, Vivian Tran, Brenda Vise, and these three new women.

I also understand that four of the women -- fully half of them -- got their fatal doses at Planned Parenthood. I knew that Holly and Chanelle had, and that Oriene and Vivian got theirs at National Abortion Federation members, and Brenda at an unlicensed clinic in Tennessee. That means that two of the three I've just learned about died because they trusted PP.

So. Thanks again for helping me bring to light what you'd been trying to keep in darkness.

Christina Dunigan

Anonymous said...

Do you have any malpractice or lawsuit information on Canadian Dr. Henry Morgentaler? Thanks!

Christina Dunigan said...

I don't keep track of Canadians, anon, sorry!