Friday, October 12, 2007

Not killing a baby?

Operation Rescue looks at a video by (not about) George "Teflon" Tiller. He discusses why he uses lethal injection to execute the fetus on Day One of his late abortion process:

“The first reason is so that there will be no fetal pain. We – we have learned with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of patients that women have the question about, ‘Will this be painful for our baby? Will this be painful for my baby?’ And the answer to that is ‘no.’"

I'd have to disagree with the idea that it's not painful to get a digoxin shot in the heart. Wasn't there just a big brouhaha in Florida about how the digoxin injection used to execute convicted murderers is painful and cruel? But it's painless when you do it to a baby?

And it's not me calling these fetuses babies. It's the mothers on whose behest they're being executed. And it's on request, not due to compelling medical reason. Again, let's quote Teflon Tiller: “At Women’s Health Care Services, our late elective abortion program involves managing the pregnancy by the premature delivery of a stillborn.” (My emphesis)

The story links to stories Tiller patients emailed to OR. To their credit, OR posts the one "satisfied customer" too. Though I'd think that perinatal hospice would be a far more compassionate response to a lethal fetal abnormality than guilt-tripping the mother into a third trimester abortion. Funny how the same people who insist that abortion isn't painful for the fetus turn around and recommend abortion on the grounds that life itself is painful for the fetus. Make up your minds!

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