Saturday, October 20, 2007

Election: McCain eloquent... but is he sincere?

Republican Presidential candidates addressed a pro-life forum, and John McCain made what was, to me, a very surprising statement:

“I have been pro-life my entire political career,’’ McCain said. “I believe I am the only major candidate in either party that can make that claim. I am pro-life because I know what it is like to live without human rights. That is a personal testament that you need not take on faith. You need only examine my public record to know that I will not change my position."

Hear him for yourself here.

I recall having originally liked McCain as a candidate last time he ran. I just thought that the integrity he showed while he was a POW spoke well for him. But then I learned -- or at least thought I did -- that he took a "prochoice" stand. So I rejected him as a candidate. If you're willing to throw unborn babies, disabled infants, people with severe brain injuries, etc., under the bus, to me that just disqualifies you. Unless you want to law to protect every innocent person, I don't think you're fit for public office.

I'm guessing that my rejection (Remember, I rejected a lot of candidates! I can't remember the specifics of what disqualified each and every one.) came from McCain's support of public funding for dangerous, unethical, and just ghoulish destruction of human embryos for stem-cell research.

So -- can prolifers get behind this guy or not?

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