Thursday, October 11, 2007

Call for prayer

I just got off the phone with a woman back in the US, and she and Mark Crutcher are working on something that she expects to be released very soon. "It's time," she told me. Which is interesting because I'd called her to say, "It's time."

This is something that's gonna really cost this woman and her family, but it's something they've decided that they really need to do, and they need to do it now.

Pray for them, that they have the strength and grace to deal with the aftermath, be it firestorm or a renewed and crushing wave of the same mind-boggling indifference they've endured for 18 years now.

Pray that our sense that "It's time" is right. That the time is right. That Mark's hand be guided. That this family's courage produce fruit worth the pain it's costing them.

And keep your eye on Life Dynamics.


Anonymous said...

"It's time."

Is it premature to ask "Time for what?"

Christina Dunigan said...

Yup. If I was free to say time for what, I"d have said so. Right now I am not free to divulge this family's choice. Mark Crutcher will reveal it when he has cleared the final product of the project with them. Until then, it's a private matter. But it still needs prayer.