Monday, October 22, 2007

Who have I missed?

When I read this article in the Cape Cod TImes about the abortion death of Laura Hope Smith (pictured), I noticed at the bottom that it said that there were nine abortion related deaths in 2005.

I know of two for sure: Christin Gilbert (pictured) and Oriane Shevin. I also know of three possibilities: "Cherish", "Tara", and "Wanda", who died of complications of chemical abortions recently.

That means that if the CDC is actually managing to count all the dead (which I doubt - see why here), there are still four to seven women I don't know about who died just in 2005.

Does anybody have more information? The reporter must have contacted the CDC and gotten the data for 2005, which is evidently the most recent year they've even bothered pretending to research. The most recent Abortion Surveillance Summary I can find is for 2003. And it doesn't note abortion deaths for 2003, though it does note the following numbers for the most recent ten year period:

2002 - 9 (I found 3: Diana Lopez, "Adelle" Roe, and Stacy Zallie. So there are six women whose 2002 abortion deaths I don't know about.)

2001 - 6 (I found 1: Haley Mason. Five more deaths I don't know about.)

2000 - 11 (I found 3: L'Echelle Head, Kimberly Neil, and Nicey Washington. Eight more I don't know about.)

1999 - 4 (I found 1: "Yvonne" Roe. Three more I don't know about.)

1998 - 10 (I found 4: Tamika Dowdy, Lou Ann Herron, Kendra McLeod, and Virginia Wolfe. Six more I don't know about.)

1997 - 7 (I found 3: Maureen Espinoza, Tammy Harris, and Nichole Williams. Four more I don't know about.)

1996 - 9 (I found 4: Carolina Gutierrez, Sharon Hamptlon, Chivon Williams, and Tanya Williamson. Five more I don't know about.)

1995 - 4 (I found 2: Lisa Bardsley, and Linda Boom. Two more I don't know about.)

1994 - 10 (I found 7: Pamela Colson, Alerte Desanges, Jammie Garcia, Christine Mora, Sara Niebel, Magdalena Rodriguez, and Ingrid Thomas. Three more I don't know about.)

1993 - 6 (I found 4: Andrea Corey, Giselene Lafontant, Kathy McKnight, and Guadalupe Negron. Two more I don't know about.)

So there are 48 to 52 women whose abortion deaths during 1993-2002, and in 2005, haven't made internet news, whose deaths went unnoticed but for their loved ones and public health officials. Which means that we're not watching these abortion facilities closely enough. They're not being held accountable.

As for the CDC's count, I also found Shelby Moran who died in 1999, but I can't imagine that the CDC would be counting her because too much time passed between the abortion that left her incapacitated and her death in the nursing home where she'd been cared for. I expect the same for Venus Ortiz, who was left in a coma after her abortion and finally died in 1998. Though Angela Sanchez went to an openly opperating and apparently legal abortion clinic in 1993, her death will be counted as an illegal abortion because the woman passing herself off as a doctor was really the clinic owner. They won't count Brenda Vise because although it was abortion malpractice that caused her death, she had an ectopic pregnancy at the time, and the CDC started counting those separately in the mid-1970's. So that's four deaths I have that I know the CDC won't count.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Anonymous said...

There was also an article posted in The National Catholic Register last week about Laura's Smith's death. It's at:

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Let me turn that into a link for you: here.