Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

The Planned Parenthood in Overland Park is being charged with performing illegal late abortions, among other charges:

Planned Parenthood's Overland Park, Kan., clinic was charged Wednesday with 107 counts, including accusations that it provided unlawful late-term abortions.

Johnson County prosecutor Phill Kline charged the clinic with 23 felony counts and 84 misdemeanor counts, according to court records. Besides 29 misdemeanor counts of providing unlawful late-term abortions, the clinic is charged with multiple counts of making a false writing, failure to maintain records and failure to determine viability.

Here's where having a good memory helps:

"I've heard nothing at all about specific charges that have been filed," Brownlie said in a telephone interview. "We always provide high-quality care in full accord with state and federal law."

As for allegations that Planned Parenthood performed illegal late-term abortions, Brownlie said its clinic doesn't perform any past the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Now for the lies:

1. "We always provide high-quality care" Right. Which is why you have Robert Crist working for you. The family didn't file suit after he let Nichole Williams die under his tender ministrations, so I don't know what sort of thing he might have done wrong there. But the two other dead patients I know of don't speak well for his attentiveness or skill. Diane Boyd, a 19-year-old mentally-challenged rape victim, was brought to Crist by her mother. Crist didn't bother to review her medications before doping her up for the abortion. The drugs he gave her interacted with her maintenance drugs, causing her to go into respiratory arrest. Since Crist had no apparent qualms about working at a place without proper resuscitation equipment, Diane was inadequately resuscitated and died. Seventeen-year-old Latachie Veal he simply sent home to bleed to death. Granted, he didn't perform these three fatal abortions at Planned Parenthood's Overland Park location -- Diane and Nichole were aborted at Reproductive Health Services, which PP took over management of at some point, and Latachie was aborted in Texas at a National Abortion Federation member facility not affiliated with Planned Parenthood. But it doesn't speak well for them that they'd have this guy doing abortions for them.

2. They don't do abortions past 22 weeks. Ha! Remember when an independent contractor came to Life Dynamics, confessing that he'd been helping to gut babies as big as 32 weeks to harvest their organs for medical research? The "clinic" in question was the Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, Kansas.

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