Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Storming the gates of Hell

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40 Days for Life. I'll post a few snippets verbatim:

EL PASO, TEXAS: We are able to confirm 12 babies lives saved.

MARTIN COUNTY, FLORIDA: A young man and girl came up to me with tears in their eyes (They looked 16 or 17). They described how they had decided to abort their 5 month pregnancy. They saw our signs (one with a pregnancy care center and number.) They went and had a ultrasound and discovered that it was a girl. They decided at that time to keep the baby. They wanted us to know, and their words were, “Thanks for being here.”

MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY: In 20 days, we’ve grown to 8 vigil sites in 6 counties, and expect to keep on adding two or three more each week. Several saves have been reported from two of our sites where traffic is sufficient to permit that, and the human interest stories abound. Another site was manned by a loner who persisted for three long years before being joined by a local doctor, and the group now numbers 8 to 10 faithful witnesses for life.

WACO, TEXAS: One family, involved in a ministry with incarcerated youth, has the young men saying a daily prayer for life. Another deacon, working in a women’s’ state jail, has at least 65 women praying the rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to end abortion.

TRI-CITY, MICHIGAN: One seasoned pro life advocated has been praying on site at our local abortion mill for many years. Last Saturday, Oct. 13th, Dave said he has heard of more “saves” in the last few days than in the last 6 months combined.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: We have continued to turn around on average 2 or 3 moms from a certain abortion per day, mostly in the South Bronx. Three former abortion clinic workers, discovered us on the sidewalks (1 in the Bronx, 2 in Queens) and expressed deep regrets for their past misdeeds and two will be joining us in our work for Life. We have been able to bring out a brand new batch of ministers, and lay people, mostly new immigrants, mostly Hispanics, especially in Queens, and signed up hundreds for future outreach and sidewalk counseling.

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA: Not only have babies been saved, not only is the body of Christ responding time and time again, not only are WE being changed BUT God is bringing people to us off the streets that need ministering. Some of our people are going out every single day and every single night. We are ministering not only to the abortion-minded individuals but to many of the walking wounded that need to share their story. We had no surgical abortions this past week in Fargo that we know of.

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA: We talked to one woman who changed her mind and chose life for herself and for her child. We talk to the abortionist and workers and are praying to get them new jobs and pray they talk to a former abortionist about getting out. Our community is growing in love with our God and with each other and in our commitment to serve our neighbors.

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA: We are creating public awareness that abortions are being performed at our Planned Parenthood clinic in Sioux Falls. Many people in South Dakota are not aware of Planned Parenthood’s role. Also on our second Saturday morning after the start of the 40 days we had several new ladies join us that were post-abortive.

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA: I personally have ministered to two post-abortive fathers and two other post-abortive women.

BUFFALO, NEW YORK: On day 2 the abortion mill’s drains all clogged up and halted the killing for 6 STRAIGHT DAYS.

CENTRAL TEXAS: Liz was on the sidewalk by herself praying last Tuesday and a lady went into the abortion clinic. She had 2 young children, I believe 4 and 7ish. Apparently, the man who she is staying with doesn’t want the expense of another child and she is not employed so he wants her to have an abortion. She went over to speak with Liz who listened to her story and got her phone number which she passed on to me and I passed onto a counselor at Hope Pregnancy Center. She called the woman and the next day she went to the Hope Pregnancy Center for help. She is keeping the child and Hope is assisting her. Praise God.

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA: Our key victories have been 48 babies that have been saved and one of the abortion worker/provider asked for a bible today and took it into the clinic.

NORWICH, CONNECTICUT: Also our local pregnancy center has seen a significant increase in abortion vulnerable and abortion minded clients as well as pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Our nurse manager has already doubled the amount of ultrasounds she had for all of last month and it is only the 15th!

COLUMBUS, OHIO: A person who had previously had an abortion expressed great thanks and prayed with us for a bit.

WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA: We received word that a baby was saved last week. A woman had come to the West Chester Planned Parenthood and because she was unhappy with the counseling she received inside, went to talk to a priest. He “dropped everything” to help her. He connected her with an active pro-life couple who’s daughter was pregnant. After seeing the ultra-sound of the daughter’s baby, she decided to let her baby live.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA: On Sept. 25 we worried that we’d have to scale back our round-the-clock vigil, but about 200 people have come out to pray and keep our vigil going 24-hours a day! We’ve been able to talk to a number of post-abortive women about counseling and healing programs–including one woman who between domestic violence and abortion had lost 9 children. People are waving, honking, stopping to pray with us or sing to us, bringing us coffee and pizza…just an amazing outpouring of support from the community.

HOUSTON, TEXAS: We have had reports from the 2 Crisis Pregnancy Centers that we refer to (we have their phone numbers on the backs of the brochures we hand out) that women are coming in with these brochures in their hands! Also, it has been obvious to those of us who come out on a regular basis that their abortion business is down. This was evidenced last week when the Stericycle truck that picks up the babies came. The driver went into Planned Parenthood with about 8 boxes and came out with 3. I expected him to go back in for more because he usually picks up 5-10, and he never did. Several of the new escorts told us that we were not what they expected and have been very friendly.

PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA: The most incredible blessing we have witnessed during this campaign has been the number of girls who have just walked over to us and asked which side is the right place for a pregnancy test? We have never had so many turn-arounds each day

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA: We have had several miracles over the past 20 days. AMS of Pensacola (a local abortion mill) has been closed for 3 weeks!! We do not know why it has been closed, only to say it is God’s miracle! Praise the Lord! Taking into consideration the average number of lives lost each week at both clinics this would mean roughly 75 lives saved over 3 weeks! Also, we have had at least 6 confirmed turn-arounds along with 5 post-abortive women coming forward looking for healing!

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE: The Diocese of Knoxville has been keeping vigil at two different abortion sites in the City of Knoxville. The response of our volunteers, the majority of whom have never done any pro-life work before, has been amazing. A local pregnancy help center said that since the campaign began, they’ve never been busier — all of which they attribute to the campaign.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA: Planned Parenthood was closed on its regular Saturday that they perform abortions this past weekend.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA: Last week, one veteran pro-lifer was out praying and a car stopped. The young Mom told her that about 6 months ago she had planned to come to have an abortion, but she saw people out praying then (during our first 40 Days for Life) and decided to keep her child. That child was the infant in the car with the beaming and thankful Mom! Last Friday, two families of home schoolers came to pray for the first time. While these families were out praying, one of the young moms scheduled for an abortion decided to keep her child and left the clinic.

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA: In the past three weeks, I have seen couples arriving early Saturday morning for an abortion and leaving early before the abortionist arrived. Last week, it appeared to be the slowest day as only 3 appeared to go in for an abortion. No one drove in to the entrance where I was standing where most normally come in.

SALEM, OREGON: We also noticed that there were two days in two weeks that the PPH office was closed down.

EVERETT, WASHINGTON: We have sensed the hand of God on our campaign from day one, and have seen at least 3 women turn away from abortion! God has given us the opportunity to counsel and refer at least a dozen women to pro-life pregnancy centers or post abortion healing, offering a “choice” to women that they didn’t get inside Planned Parenthood.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: Post-abortive women (and men) who came to pray have recalled “choices” they have made and can now find the hope, compassion, love, and healing they need. People who have never done anything about their pro-life values are coming to the sidewalk for the very first time, leaving touched very deeply and personally as to the enormity and destruction of this “choice” as they see first hand the women going in and most especially, seeing the same women coming out of Planned Parenthood afterward, never to be the same again. Lives have been saved as abortion appointments were canceled when the abortionist didn’t arrive for work on two scheduled killing mornings.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: At least 3 or 4 babies have been saved every week at the Atlanta Surgi Center location. Yesterday a gentleman (sidewalk counselor), holding his baby son up to the waiting room window, caused one of the woman to abandon her abortion plan! God is good! Someone remarked, live babies are so much better than posters of aborted babies!

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