Tuesday, October 09, 2007

They're not in the same Kansas anymore, Toto!

Abortionists in Kansas are not a bunch of happy campers right now.. George "Teflon" Tiller is facing investigations by the legislature, the medical board, and a grand jury relating to the growing mound of evidence that he routinely sells illegal post-viability abortions. Abortionist Sherman Zaremski is being investigated for aborting a 12-year-old rape victim, abused by her step-father, without reporting the abuse, thus allowing the abuse against her and her sisters to continue for four more years. And Planned Parenthood is facing a drive to have them investigated for their own illegal activity, mostly related to failure to report child sexual abuse and performing illegal late abortions.


Jean Heimann said...

Isn't this great news?!

Thanks for the link, Christine.

We must persevere in prayer for an end to the culture of death!

Christina Dunigan said...

Well, sooner or later we're all called to account, but it'd be nice to see the people doing so much damaged called to account in the land of the living.