Friday, October 05, 2007

Abortionist to be tried for rape, murder

Mississippi Abortion Practitioner's Trial Begins on Rape, Murder Charges

A Mississippi abortion practitioner who has pleaded not guilty to charges that he killed his wife 10 years ago and raped a patient five years before that saw his trial begin Thursday. Malachy DeHenre, who is 56, has lost his medical licenses in various states because of botched abortions.
Six years ago a jury failed to convict DeHenre in the shooting death of his wife Dr. Nyasha Rose DeHenre. A gunshot to the head while she was in the couple's home resulted in her death.

DeHenre was re-indicted on the charges when new evidence came to light, arrested last December and ordered held without bond.

Local authorities have filed new indictments in the case saying they have more evidence to prove DeHenre's guilt. They also filed a second charge accusing the abortion practitioner of raping a 21-year-old patient in March 1992.

DeHenre was working at Summit Medical Center of Alabama, a National Abortion Federation member facility, when he performed a fatal abortion on Leigh Ann Stephens Alford on November 25, 2003. DeHenry sent her home despite a uterine perforation, and she died 18 hours later. (More on Summit here.)

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