Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mark your calendars

We're gonna have to check some predictions.

$700,000 cut hits hard at Planned Parenthood

A $700,000 cut in funds will have "devastating" effects on West Michigan women, Planned Parenthood officials say.

Reproductive health centers in White Cloud and Hart were closed Monday, with plans to close centers in Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Mount Pleasant by the end of the year.

Now, here comes the hysteria:

Humphrey predicted the centers' closings and reductions at other locations will have an economic and social snowball effect that will be felt for years to come.

She foresees an increase in unintended pregnancies, which research correlates with abortion, higher infant mortality rates and low birth-weight babies. Without access to care, sexually transmitted diseases are likely to go untreated, she said.

"You are going to see an increase in school dropouts. You are going to see an economic impact," she said.

How long do you think is an adequate follow-up? Five years? I can mark my calendar and we can check.

What I do know is that states that get high grades from Planned Parenthood have high rates of abortion, STD, etc., while states that get low grades from PP have low rates of abortion, STDs, etc. Is correlation causality? Does removing PP from a community reverse the trend toward more abortions and STDs? Or is the presence of PP just a symptom?


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