Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blog roundup

Here are the results of a straw poll of "values voters" and how the Republican candidates stood.

This cartoon nails it.

Should prolifers bail on the Republican party? I ditched them years ago because they were becoming indistinguishable from the Democrats on fiscal issues. They never call, they never write... ;)

The guy who tried to bomb a Houston abortion facility gets to spend 40 years rethinking his strategy. Earth to Evans: Making the agonizing choice to kill somebody whose presence disturbs you is prochoice, not prolife. Get a grip!

Another woman liberated and empowered through abortion. Sigh. How many abortions have their beginnings in destructive "romantic" relationships? And as Dr. Laura asked, "Is a woman just a wo- wo- wo- on a man?" Women with self respect don't get involved with losers like this guy. And they don't climb on the abortion table because theyr'e just too battered down by life. But how do you get to the core of the problem? Abortion won't fix it. But neither will just saying, "No abortion." This is where the CPCs win over abortion clinics hands-down. They're the only places I know of that will look at the train wreck somebody's made of her life and actually try to help her come up with a strategy for turning it around. And I think the 1:1 support and love are essential. But the trick is getting them in the door when the abortion lobby is filling their heads with lies, telling them that the people who really care are the ones who will take their money, kill their baby, and kick them out the door to sink or swim. End rant.

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