Monday, October 15, 2007

"Back off! I'm not dead yet!"

Read this wonderful op-ed in the Washington Post. It's pithy and full of good sense. Not to metion good humor:

I found something weasely in the way all those options were presented, as though my only real choice were between being dispatched into the hereafter at the first sign of loss of consciousness or being stuck with as many tubes as needles in a voodoo doll and imprisoned inside a ventilator until global warming melts the ice caps and the hospital washes out to sea.

HT: The Point


Anonymous said...

I was looking for a way to email you and thought I might just leave a comment here. I have a question for you. I feel very drawn to the pro life movement. My mother and I both have a blood clotting disorder. My mother had a brain aneurism at 5 months gestation (with me) which resulted in brain surgery and 2 strokes during pregnancy. She was removed from 2 hospitals because she refused to have an abortion. I suffered from the same blood clotting disorder with the pregnancy of my son (he is now 4 years old). I was also told to have an abortion. Choosing not to was a hard decision for both my mother and I, but one we have never regretted!. I had to give myself shots twice a day and also take coumadin (which causes birth defects) during my last trimester. With all of this said I am hoping that you could suggest the best way for me to participate in helping the cause. I am currently praying daily, participating in my local right to life, but I would like to direct my energy in the best method possible. I have 2 young children and work part-time so my time is limited. Thank you for any advice!!

Christina Dunigan said...


The first thing you can do is to tell your story and get it out. Most ordinary Janes and Joes believe the lie that having abortion legal only impacts women who prefer abortion to childbirth and who want to abort so much that they'd resort to coathangers if denied "access". People need to learn that doctors are using abortion's legality and percieved safety to try to weasel out of providing patients with real care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the comment! What would be the best ways to get my story out? Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated. I have been somewhat overwhelmed by the massive amount of information on the internet and can't decide where to start first. My personal email is if anyone would like to email me directly with ideas. Thanks!